Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When, in the course of human events...

This country was founded on religious freedom - it's why we left the Brits in the first place.  There are people in this nation who seek to take that away from us and those people are working hard to take that away from us. There are people who insist that through prayer to the Christian god they can change our government, that they can convince all the politicians in Washington to turn to their god, and make decisions that support Christian values and beliefs. 

We, as Pagans, as Witches, as Druids... we cannot let this stand. 

A lot is being written about this right now.  The Wild Hunt has a lot to say about it, as does hecatedemeter - they both call on our communities across the nation to stand together, to pray and hold ceremonies to empower the land.  We need our defenses but not our attacks.  The last thing we need is to start attacking people.  That is less than useful - that is downright wrong. 

The King and the Land are One... we knew that once.  We knew what it meant to love the land and our leaders knew what it meant to know this.

So I call on my meager number of readers to strengthen the land - hold ceremony, if you live in this area join me and many others in the coming months as we solemnly walk a circle around the Capitol building sprinkling, inconspicuously of course, rosemary for remembrance.  

I call on you to be open, to be Out as much as possible.  We need them to know that our numbers are not tiny, and that we are not ok with what they propose.

We need them to understand.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How lovely the blistering days of summer

Ah, summer.  Those humid days when the sun beats down, the cicadas fill the light hours with the sound that means heat in our minds and fireflies blink lazily at night.

This is the time of year when our lives become more full - we have long days to enjoy with trips and vacations, drinking in our fill of the land as we travel to and fro. 

But this is also the time where we stand still and listen to the growth around us, where we enjoy the Mother in all her glory and look with a wary eye toward the Crone as she approaches after Harvest. 

The summer is a transition time, and we all start to feel it more now.  In fact, it can be harder to focus during these times when we are so preoccupied with other matters.  But transitions can be tricky if we are not focused, and focus is a precious thing. 

So enjoy the summer season!  It is a fabulous time of year.