Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Filling the Void

When you leave a routine in the dust, consigning it to memory and whisper, and you have nothing equally substantial to take its place, you get a Void.

These are, as sci-fi and fantasy stories suggest, not a good thing.  Where in the books things with claws and teeth and a hunger for flesh emerge, or things with blades and wands and a desire to kill emerge, here things like Stagnancy and Complacency and Lethargy emerge.

These three, horrible eaters of time and energy, creep in with vile intent and devour quickly everything you think you have time to do.

They eat hope, joy, energy, planning... they eat it all without remorse or pause. The meal is fast, you never see it coming... then you turn and look and oops. It's gone and there sit the Trio with Cheshire grins on their ugly faces.

it's not fun.

So what do you do to combat this? HOW do you fight back against the Trio?

Motivation is fleeting in times like this. You search, you try, and you often fail. Minutes turn into hours, turn into days, into weeks.... and then a month has passed without you even realizing it.

A few things I've found helpful? Lots of telling myself to STOP.

sitting on the couch

ignoring lists
movie marathons
netflix binge-watching
falling into facebook
avoiding chores
putting things off

Instead? GO.


get a shower
put together a schedule
do the chores
take a walk
do the errands you need to do
out with friends

A really intelligent man said "Every action has an equal opposite reaction" and an even smarter man put those words in a catchy song that I listen to a LOT. (Hamilton. go look it up, I'll be here.) But the thing that gets me about that sentence specifically is that if there is no initial action, there is no other action. NOTHING happens. Void happens. the Trio happens.

You lose.

So, ACTION! GO! *boom*

Fill the Void with action, tell your story through action, let your art flow out of you instead of bottling up inside. Write until you have nothing more to write. Clean the house till it shines. Do ALL THE ERRANDS.

Don't let the Trio win.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Naming that Feeling

*there's a lot of cursing in this one (not *curses* but decently foul language) so if that bothers you, maybe skip this one.* *this is also long and ranty... don't say you weren't warned.*

You've had it, I know you have - you're sitting in the same spot you always sit in, watching the same show you've watched a hundred times, watching the same commercials you've watched a million times, and it hits you right between the eyes.

A feeling like you want to scream and run. A feeling like you're ready to rip your skin off and either dissipate into the air like smoke or fall to the floor in a pile of dust.

You know what that feeling is? Because I've been wracking my brain to figure it out for YEARS and I finally got it.

You're fed up.

I'm fed up.

(yeah, yelling... sorry not sorry)

It's the same sexist jokes over and over. The same fat shaming, the same thin shaming, the same war of the genders that they hope we never catch on to. I love my sweetie, I really do, but I really also wonder if he realizes that what's easy for him to watch tears me open sometimes. (Big Bang Theory... yeah. I'm getting really sick of their shit. They've already gotten strongly worded letters from me about their continual fat shaming and geek girl shaming. It looks like I'm going to have to write more letters.)

You're (we're) fed up because it's shit like this that keeps the towers of inequality so high. It's things like this that perpetuate the stereotypes of the gendernormative and the sizes that society deems "realistic", never mind that the people they show are the minority in terms of average size of a human being.  We're fed up because it's the same thing every. single. day. and no matter what we do it isn't changing.

I saw a commercial for a medication for joints today - it opens with two women moving up from one floor to the next. One woman is walking up the stairs briskly and the other is on an escalator. The woman walking gives the woman on the escalator side eye as the voice over talks about "moving easily"... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  Drug companies are now using shaming as a sales technique too. Wow. FUCK THAT. No one deserves to be shamed for taking an escalator instead of the stairs. You have NO IDEA what that woman's situation is so how dare you give her shit for not walking briskly up the stairs in heels like you are. FUCK OFF.

It's time to do something about this. ALL of this. The drug testing that is mandatory to hold some jobs (almost any job) in this country... we're all up in arms about the possibility of making welfare recipients have to drug test, and know the stats that say we're not actually doing anything with that testing except wasting money, but we're all complacent when it comes to the drug testing we're subjected to... why??  Time to change it.  The agist, sexist, sizeist jokes - they're everywhere and we just put up with it because it's funny? No. Time to change it. The gender jokes, the mis-gendering, the gender shaming... Time to change it. Slut shaming. Time to change it.

It's the new year, and we all make resolutions - this year, instead of making a resolution that only helps you, make a resolution that helps everyone. Don't play into the stereotypes or shaming. Rise above it and be an example of tolerance and acceptance.

We have the unique ability to make real impact on our world with our magic. We also have the ability to VOTE - a magic all its own. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, that's up to you. I am going to tell you to go Vote, as often as you're able to based on local and national elections. I am going to tell you that real change begins when you exercise the power we all have to control who sits in government.

Yes, it is tedious. Yes, it's not always convenient. Yes, you have to make time for it. But think about this - women and men have died to give you the right to help decide what happens in this nation. We, the complacent, docile, lazy populace are being led around right now.  What do you think would happen if we decided to take the reins back? What if the people in the driver seat were US?

Great things could happen. Let's find out.

Friday, January 1, 2016

In the dark of a New Year...

I've spent more time with family in the last few months than I have in many a year, and I've topped off that record with a week at my Father's house in Alabama. 

There is a beautiful magic in this state where the end of the Appliacians slope off and so much technology thrives. There are wildlife refuges around every corner and the wind speaks of the atrocities and beauties of this place in the same breath. 

When we return to our northern home and I look on the first snow of the winter, I'll plunge back into the root of my practice and submerge myself into the daily life of being at home 24/7 again. This is a renewing that I've needed for a while, a chance to reconnect to my home and my path. 

One of the hard parts about working a job that gives you so much stress is the interference with your practice. You lose the drive you once had, and all too soon you're wrapped up in surviving the days, not living the life you're meant for. 

So I left, and in the growing light of the new year I'll be resetting myself, finding the baseline I lost, and setting my feet firmly on the path that is now so very clear to me. 

I wish you and yours all manner of luck and great blessing in the new year. May your path be visible and attainable, and may you find the support you need to follow that path.