Monday, June 20, 2016


The solstice is here and the day is VERY bright - I love these sorts of days. I also love when the solstice falls on a day I already have off work, so I can spend the day as I wish.

Today I'm enjoying the longest day by sinking into my artwork as the sun lights my worktable. I meditate as I work, and focus so hard on my page that all else falls away. It's here that the Goddess speaks to me and here that I find answers.

I hope that whatever you do today, you find time to spend with your Deity and that their message comes to you clearly.

Celebrate the Sun, welcome the warmth and revel in the light.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On being overwhelmed, and picking your battles.

So much rage.

It’s the response of the whole world right now to a great many things – to rape, to movie posters, to international incidents. Everywhere you turn, on every social media outlet, on every computer screen, in your email and on your TV… hatred, screaming, and rage.  

I walk in my garden a lot these days, running my hands though the soil and gently brushing my fingers against the leaves and flowers. I think about the scents on the air and I do my damnedest to bring my soul back to center.

Some days are harder than others.

I have a lot of thoughts, and they’re all going here, and this is the last I’ll speak on them.

The Rape: unless you’ve been where that woman is right now, you don’t know how she feels. You can sympathize, but you don’t know. That boy, the one whose picture is fucking everywhere right now, is scum right alongside anyone who’s ever molested a child. He should feel what she feels – he should have EVERYTHING taken away. I’m glad to see that might actually happen. To be fair, I won’t be terribly surprised if it doesn’t. I’ve met the world.

The Billboard: I see both sides of this. I’ve been a comic book fan for years – that part of my brain sees that image as the last two pages of a nail-biting issue and *that* is the image you’re left with as you wait for the next issue to see if your heroes won or not. It’s a teaser, it’s a TO BE CONTINUED and it’s doing a damn good job. It is triggering in the brains of comic book readers around the world the anticipation that we know and love, and it’s making us excited for the movie. I’m also a woman. I’ve been abused. I’ve been in the position of a person larger than me looming and holding me down by my throat. I learned to be strong and I survived. That billboard doesn’t trigger those memories in me.

The Election: If any of you think we actually have a say in who’s elected, you’re dreaming. Instead of fighting about this election, how about you fight for changing the election laws in the 4 years before the next one, and see if we can do a better job at this sometime in the next decade.
I’m meditating more these days. I find I have the need… there is so much out there competing for my attention, so many people screaming at me to rise up and be an advocate, to use my craft to bring someone down, to stand and put oppressors in their place, to change laws, to do EVERYTHING…. It’s too much. It’s overwhelming.

So I invite you, dear readers, to do me a favor. Breathe deep. Stay calm. Think clearly. *then* answer those posts on your Facebook or Twitter or elsewhere that you feel you need to answer and just ignore the rest.

It’s said that you have to pick your battles. It’s also important to pick the hill you’re willing to die on – and if one of these issues’ isn’t it? Well, that’s ok too. No one has to make that decision but you.

Everyone else can just fucking get over it.