Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A hundred steps up the mountain

I went on pilgrimage last week, to a place my heart has been before, a place my body has been in a past life, and a place my soul remembered without prompt.

I, and my soul sister and some of our friends, went to Loughcrew and stood in the largest tomb, and felt the energy of the earth roiling around us. It was beautiful and peaceful and everything I hoped it would be. There I cried for my lost loved ones, I felt the ease of their passing and I saw their shapes float into the fog around us. I heard the whistling on the wind and knew it for the voices of my long past ancestors, welcoming me back.

We walked in the long grasses there, felt the wet stone under our hands and smelled the bounty of rich earth. The air was thick with fog and every shade in the rainbow danced there in muted tones. The wind whipped up sometimes and you could see the fog move with it like lovers reunited.

My smile ran free and honest for the first time in a long time, and my soul was more at peace than ever before.

I hope the equinox went as well for you as it did for us, and the blessings of the turn of the Wheel upon you all as we move into the Fall season.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rise up

I reference the blog at Hectate Demeter a LOT, but to be honest no one has inspired me like she has in a long while.

Lately she's been focused on the war for our planet, and our duties as magical practitioners.  Whether the war ever comes to your door is a moot point - we're all on this planet, and so it's our fight as much as anyone's. I hear the call, so do my friends... we know it's a war we have to win, but the fights are daunting sometimes.

We can't be daunted.

I've worked against people before, and I've worked for the good of a cause before too. I see people like Trump, like Bush, like the myriad of other Republican candidates, like Davis, - I see the bullies and the mean kids and the police misusing their power. I see all of this and I hear in my soul "it's time to do something." I hear quiet whispers, then I hear shouting, and I know it's not coming from me.

The fights we need to have don't have to be bloody, and they don't have to be physical. We have to push, we have to set our intention against the onslaught of intolerance that is being spewed like sewage across the natural landscape of impressionable minds. It is our job - we have the power to do something, and we are called to do it.

A great many people have cried for too, too long. Where have we been for them?

Physical actions and magical actions are what we need now. We need ceremonies as much as we need charitable giving. We need ritual as much as we need physical aid.

Be the change.
Rise up.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Autumn Equinox and Pilgrimage

Who of us hasn't looked to the east at dawn on our holy days and wondered what it would be like to stand barefoot in the grass at a ring of stones and see the sun split the ring, see the growing light like gems on the dewy grass, to be where our ancestors were so long ago?

Sometimes fate is wonderfully kind.

On September 23rd I'll be standing at a Loughcrew watching the sun rise and feeling the turn of the Wheel. It's a pilgrimage in every sense of the word - I'll be in Ireland, seeing the places I've only dreamed of.  I'll stand at an ancient place, my toes in the grass, and watch the Equinox unfold as the sun rises before me.  My desire as a photographer to capture every second on film will clash with my soul's desire to drink up the light with nothing but will in my hands, but that cannot be helped, so there will be pictures, and there will be open hands.

For those who are at home, in their sacred spaces - open your hands to the sky, see the sun and know that the sacred comes to you too, and even if your feet never leave the soil of the town you were born in, the sun touches us all that day, and the rays that fall on you now fell on your ancestors, fall on the ancient places, fell on them when they were new.

Sometimes we can be pilgrims with our feet. Sometimes we can only be pilgrims with our hearts.

If you can be, be both. If you cannot, then be with your heart, and your spirit will join us there.